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Remembering Jeff Phillips

One of the raddest guys ever.

I didn't really want to get into the details of his death but, I have answered it so many times in emails to skaters who want to know what happened.....It pains me to tell you....He shot himself on x-mas day 1993. The report in Rolling Stone labels him as troubled with his skatepark, girl, drugs.....I don't like to think about it. Dig up that issue to learn more. I like to remember him by the photos below.......

In 1985, I quit college, sold all my books and flew stand by to Dallas, Texas. When I got there I managed to make it to the Clown Ramp where I resided, (on the deck),for the next few months. During this time, I was awoken at 3am on more than a few occasions by the almighty Jeff Phillips demanding a session. I was constantly amazed at his powerful and innovative skating. I wish he was still around....

Art Godoy watches as Jeff pulls a fronside grap fakie thruster on the Clown Ramp. During our time at the Clown ramp me and my friends brian,(mfc),and erik,(fuct), would have contests to see who would be the dirtiest, since we had no access to showers. Brian won by wearing the same pair of socks for about 3 months...

Phillips throwing his signature move-the frontside boneless at the Alabama contest in 1986. His patented spray painted skull helmet can now be bought at any skateshop in the country...He was a leader...

Whenever Jeff came to a session, he would take over. He would shake the deck and smash the coping. He was definitely one of my idols. Backside air at the Hanger in Charleston.


Jeff throwing a powerful invert at the Virginia Beach pro/am in 1985. These were the years of the Hawk/Hosoi contest wars. Jeff proved himself to be better on this day and put himself on the map as one of the best. Everyone on the east coast remembers this contest. Phillips was ruling!!!

He went big on everything he did. This ollie at Le Grand Bournand in France in '89 was exactly that-big.

Another view of a typical Phillips invert. I had to put this in for the sheer power that it reveals.

When we heard the news of his death, I was destroyed. Having spent so much time with him on tour, at contests, sessions and just hanging out made it really hard to believe that he was gone. I'll remember him forever...